Another Dreams Post

Oh, man...I've got to get this down before I forget.

This morning I had my funniest conversation to date with my 2nd oldest.

Me: Hey, buddy...did you have any dreams last night?
Him: Yeah.
Me:  What was it about?
Him: Lost.
Me:  What?!?!?  
Him:  Yeah, and I was in a blog.
Me: {Laughing hysterically}
Him:  Hey, don't laugh about it.
Me: {Trying to stay composed...feeling kind of bad for laughing at him} Ok, tell me about your dream.  What happened in Lost and on the blog?
Him:  {Long pause} Hmmm...hard question.
Me:  {Can't control the laughter}

For those of you who haven't been following my blog for long, I'm addicted to ABC's Lost, and I often have dreams about Lost on Tuesday nights after the newest episode has just aired. :)