Amos is 5!

5 is such a milestone, isn't it?  Since we homeschool, he has technically been a kindergarten student for at least 6 months already.  But, there is something about that magical coming-of-school-age.

My Amos is so precious.  His smile is genuine and contagious.  I think he might be the most photogenic of all of my children.  I wish I could capture his laugh as easily as his smile.  It, likewise, is from the heart and catchy.

He is smart.  He focuses so well on school work.  He has an outstanding memory.   And, he loves history above all other school subjects.  One day, I told him we didn't have to do history because we had finished all of our history for the week, and he started to cry.

He also loves dinosaurs.  Our local college has a geological museum.  I took the kids there about 9 months ago, and Amos has been begging to return ever since.  I have put it off....but I thought it would be fun to go on his birthday.  I bought him this plush blue dinosaur at the museum store.

Then, we had Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousin over for dinner, cake, and presents.  We also had our neighbors over...they're like family too. :)

Birthdays are fun.  I'm sad that he's not 4 anymore, but I'm proud of the 5 year old that he has become!