Remember Summer?

Remember Summer?
Right now is the time of year that people start getting stir crazy.  Trips South are common for those who have the time and money.

There's a need to recharge in order to survive the remainder of our long winter.

Me?  I just wait until the end of January to organize and upload my photos from July.  It takes me back to the warm months and provides hope that the days are slowly getting longer and warmer, and before we know it, it'll be time to procrastinate Summer photo organization again. :)

A Current Post :)

It was a big football weekend.  A big, sad, leave-me-with-an-empty-feeling weekend.  Who do I root for now?
I have a whole week to ponder it and decide.  Decide which team will be lucky enough to get my cheers. :)

Tonight, Jobey read Green Eggs and Ham to his siblings.  This is such a joy and relief to me.  My biggest apprehension about homeschooling was that my kids wouldn't learn how to read.

I had even entertained the option of sending them to school for the first 2 or 3 years, and then homeschooling from that point on.  So, to see my boy reading with ease and enjoyment is encouraging. 

Asher's first toy. He likes it.

I tried to edit these to correct the brightness....but it just wasn't working for me.  I liked the bright ones best.

Our property borders public land at the rear.  A few mornings ago, I noticed that there were a whole bunch of cows out there.  I've never seen cows out on that land.  I loved having them close by.  I only wish it was warm enough outside to open the windows and hear their mooing.  I love a good bunch of moo's. :)

Some Highlights

I'm finally getting caught up on some photo editing and organization.  Here are a few favorites from 2011:
Mama's Little Cowboy

Mama's Superhero

Mama's Ranch Hand

Psalm Sing in the Park

Nebraska Christmas 2011

We had an icy drive...
...but the weather was perfect once we arrived!  There was a lot of playing outside time for the 13 cousins present.
Great Grandma meets Asher.

Playing with Words

Commence Smiling

Wyoming Christmas 2011

A Sling, A Sickness, and A Snow

Baby #5, Sling # 1
Q: Why didn't I get one of these before?
A: I'm cheap.
FYI, this cute sling only cost $35....

Also, carrying a baby in a sling looks and feels a bit like I'm pregnant again.  I find this makes me chuckle. 

A Sick Kid:
There's something so sad and precious about a feverish little kid.

Praying my baby feels better soon and trying to cherish every cuddly moment.

We've got Snow.  It's been such a mild, pleasant Wyoming winter.  I even enjoy the snow we've had.  It's beautiful and not blowing (at the moment).

Has anyone noticed Blogger being weird while composing posts?  I'm finding it difficult to effectively use the enter key....

*Update: The moment referred to in this post has passed, and the snow is now blowing.... the animals won't even venture outside for a snack of scraps....thankful for my warm and cozy home....and my work -from-home occupation.


I usually like to stay home.

I don't sign my kids up for a whole bunch of activities.

But, I couldn't resist getting Sadie into a ballet class.

So fun.  I don't anticipate regretting it.  It's very good to do girl stuff.


I made this this weekend.  It was scrumptious, and you should try it.

I didn't have sherry, so I used Marsala.  I also used elk cube steak instead of beef.

I'm excited to learn to use cube steak.  We got a bunch from our super generous neighbors/friends.

I also made the buns from scratch, but they weren't anything remarkable....when I find a remarkable bun recipe, I'll share it.

*The photo is from the recipe which is found on TastyKitchen.

Have you tried TastyKitchen?  I use it almost exclusively for all of my recipe-searching needs.

Try it. :)....and try the steak sandwiches too!