Saturday is my baby's first birthday. I can't believe she's a year old already. And, at the same time, it seems like eons ago that I was in the hospital being induced, not knowing that our new baby would be our first daughter.

She's getting so big. The last two weeks have been a time of rapid development. It's sort of bittersweet. :)...But, mostly, it's sweet.

She started entertaining herself with the kitchen cupboards and drawers. She loves pulling out all the wash cloths, towels, measuring cups, and tupperware and using her imagination as she makes a huge mess on my floor! I love it. I'm so proud. :)

She LOVES being outside. She seems to be completely unaffected by cold, wind, or rain. She just breathes rapidly, kicks her little feet, and smiles whenever she gets to go outside.

She's not walking yet, which is fine with me. :) I feel like she'll remain a baby officially until she starts taking those first steps.

But, here's the thing: I always forget when a baby's supposed to start talking. But, my girl...she's doing a lot of REAL talking! It seems early. It's so cute!

(How can she have her toes like that??)

She says the following:
Yum Yum Yum
No No No
Uh Oh
Thank You (Day Doo)

I think she's getting cuter and cuter every day too! :)

What We Do in May

Does every family have a lot of birthdays in May? I'm a May baby, and I don't remember having to share my birthday with anyone when I was in school.

Half of our family was born in May. My birthday was earlier this month, and I'll blog about it at another time. But, for this post, I'd like to allow you to share in the celebration of our four-year-old's birthday.

For months, he's been saying "I be four on my firtday!".
Remember, he's a lion. :) He requested a lion cake. Other mom's would be more creative, I think...but....I think what I do works too. :)

And, we had ice cream of course!

And, we had a fun party! Big Brother was there (not the creepy, 1984 "Big Brother"...the real, literal, by blood Big Brother). And, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle came too!

It was great. I'll miss my 3-yr. old forever...but I love the 4-yr. old even more. :)

Lord,Teach Me Patience

Oh, how I want a Canon EOS XSi digital camera. Anyone who's been following my blog for any period of time knows I'm addicted to upgrading my digital cameras. And...the time has come when I think I need a digital SLR. So...I've been researching and shopping for deals. I've even found some really great deals...and let them slip away. It's just a big step. So...until I feel confident about the purchase, I'm asking God to teach me patience, and I'm continuing to learn how to make the best of my Canon Powershot S3 IS.

It's photos like these that make me smile and realize I don't need a fancy camera to have cool pictures...

If you're interested, I like to take pictures in landscape mode. I tend to get more bokeh that way. The flower pictures were all taken in Super Macro mode....(maybe in Manual also?).

Don't you love Spring?!?!? :)

Free Music

Hey...I found this website while Stumbling. And, they had this deal I wanted to share with you. If you're a fan of Coldplay at might want to check it out. :) Free album download! :)

Click here to download Coldplay's album for Free!

Mother's Day

An Ongoing Investigation

Sooo.....let's see.....

This morning, my baby was a little fussy. So, I picked her up and walked over to the window, because she likes to put both her hands on the window and look and talk to the outside. To my surprise, I saw....well....a deceased....rodent lying on the grass in our back yard.

I've been thinking all day, "I want to blog about this!"...but I feel like maybe it's the kind of thing you don't tell anyone. Because,'s a rodent. Rodents are dirty...and yucky...and I'm afraid you all may think I'm dirty and yucky also if you know that a rodent seemingly croaked in my back yard.

After some wrestling with the idea of sharing...I decided I would...but I'm not going to include a as to respect the dead...and protect myself from previously-stated fear of yucky and gross feelings from my readers.'s the thing:

How did this animal come to be dead in my yard? Was it just his time?...on his way across to the field behind our fence...he drew his last breathe?

Let me share the evidence with you:

He/she has some dirt/mud on his paws...but not all of them. Just...maybe the left ones.
No sign of struggle.
Location of corpse only a couple feet from neighbor's fence.

And here's the weird thing.....last night at about 3am, I awoke to a THUD.

What do you think???

I'll continue investigating and update you on any important clues that come in...