Funny Dreams

I had a funny dream a few nights ago.  I was checking into Labor and Delivery at a hospital in Boston...when I got there, the nurse told me that a cryptic note had been left, letting the staff know that I would be arriving and that I had progressed to such-and-such a degree.  The letter was signed...."Locke".

So....Baby and Lost are apparently consuming my subconscious.  :)

Every morning at breakfast, the kids and I discuss our dreams from the previous night.

Want to know what my baby dreamed about this week?

For My Mom:

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Thank God for Grandmas

There are lots of reasons to love grandmas... but in this post, I'd like to show you that they're lovable because they buy really cute clothes for their grandbabies.

Since my kids' grandparents don't live nearby, I wanted to display some of the clothes they've been given in case they're grown out of by the next time we meet up.

This is a Christmas present from Grandma M.  I absolutely love it.  I love that the colors are girly, but they're not the traditional pinks and purples.  And, I love that the pants are white with cute embroidered daisies.  I love daisies.

I had to include this picture too, because her smile is so cute. :)...But, I couldn't only put this picture, because the daisies are not properly displayed. :)

This sweater is something my mom found for her only granddaughter.  It's so thick and warm and soft and adorable.  The size is 18 months, which my girl has mostly grown out of already, so I'm skipping the "tumble dry low" step of washing with the hopes that we can fit it on her for the rest of the chilly season.

Thanks to my two moms!

There are more that I will be photographing and posting soon...

Catechism #1

I realize I've been posting frequently about our progress with the Catechism for Young Children. I'm going to start a new category for these, so if you want to read more, you can click on the link to the right.

This is another such post. :)

During our nightly family time, Daddy's been reviewing catechism questions and introducing a few new ones very slowly. Pig Tails now likes to grab the catechism book and start interrogating her brothers.

The first question in the catechism is: "Who made you?" Answer: "God did."

This is the dialogue that I caught on video.

Let's Compare...

Baby #1

Baby #2

Baby #3

Baby #4

I think it's kind of fun to compare...


I mentioned in a post several months ago that my little nephew was born last summer. I don't live near him, so I haven't been able to take many sister and "Peanut" visited a few days ago (with my Mom too :) ). So...I took advantage of the opportunity.

I think he's so cute! I love having a little nephew, and my kiddos love their Baby Cousin!

Saturday Chores

I decided to clean the kids' room without their help this morning. :) Shortly after I was finished, my 4-yr. old entered the room, and started making the beds.

I never make their beds. Their bedding consists of a fitted sheet, a pillow with case, and a blanket thrown on the bed. We don't have any special or matching comforters, so I've never been big on making their beds. In fact, I've never even taught them how to make their beds.

It must be instinct. :)

He did such a good job! He made his bed (on the bottom), and then he climbed up on top and made his brother's bed.

Then he went in Mom and Dad's room and made their bed too. I wanted to take a picture, so he decided that he better also. :)

I'm a proud mama.

Little Piggies

Daddy got Pigtails some Piggy Paint for Christmas.

It's so pretty.

Just like our girl...well...not comparable, really... :)

Mommy got her the monogram necklace for Christmas.... then she found out it very well may be composed of toxic Cadmium... What to do, what to do...

I will now post many pictures of these pretty nails...

...because that's what I like to do sometimes...

I just can't get enough of this little girl's cuteness...

Can you blame me?

35 weeks

Graham Cracker Houses

I figure I better finish with Christmas posts before it's inappropriately too late. :)

When we celebrated Christmas with my family, my mom had the kids decorate these cute (and easy!) "gingerbread" houses.

I was so impressed with how well the boys did. They were so creative, and from what I'm told, they didn't try to eat all the candy!

My oldest insisted on having crosses all over his house. When he put the gummy bears on the crosses, he said they were like Jesus dying on the cross.

I was so inspired that when we spent Christmas with my husband's side of the family, we built some more houses for the boys to decorate again but this time with their cousins. It was so fun!