The Cutest Kids

Now, introducing...
The World's Cutest Kids!! :)...

...and my Dream Guy! (Isn't he romantic??)

Other Randomness:
My middle boy came across a little box of about 6 fuses that belong to his electrician daddy. He claimed them as his own and took them everywhere.
He carried them around the house for days, mastered holding all of them at any given time, took them to church on Sunday, and he even took them to bed. It was so cute!
That same adorable boy also sometimes likes to pretend he's a turtle. It started one day when he was sad. Kids at this age have a hard time expressing their feelings. If one of my boys is crying, I'll ask, "What's wrong?". The answer is almost always, "I don't know."

So, one day when the boy above seemed sad and was being grilled about his feelings, he finally said, "I a yucky turtle."

So...there you have it. He's sad. He's a yucky turtle. But, from the looks of the picture above, the turtle cheered up a bit. I'm glad. :) But, I still think the yucky turtle is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

In Case You Don't Love LOST Like I Do....

For those of you who don't adore Lost, thanks for reading my blog anyway. :)

Here's a little change of topic.
New topic: My Baby Girl.
I took these pictures at my brother's basketball game a couple weeks ago. My mom was holding my little princess, and they just happened to be sitting under one of those super bright fluorescent gym lights. It made for some pretty interesting lighting...
I like it. :)

Happy Friday (almost)!

One more Lost tidbit

I read another theory this morning...apparently, the 4-toed statue is important. Well, obviously everything is important.'s theorized that the statue is of Sawyer. It's possible that his injury from last week may cause a toe amputation. Hmm...

Another theory is that Miles is Marvin Candle (Dr. Chang)'s son.

Weekly Lost Post :)

Ok...time for me to sort out my thoughts on Lost based on tonight's episode.

A breakdown by character:

Daniel Farraday:
So, he's associated (closely) with Widmore. Didn't expect that...but it really doesn't change the way I feel about him. :) I still like him. I don't think his intentions are bad. I just think that Widmore (the bad guy...I think :) ), is Daniel's means to accomplish whatever it is that he needs to accomplish on the island. I think he may be trying to fix whatever he did to Theresa. I'm pretty sure she's stuck traveling through time (or her brain is anyway).

Pretty sure the girl with the gun (Ellie) is Daniel's mother. may be that Widmore is Daniel's father. Which is weird...we'll see. Apprarently, we know (and I'm not sure why...but the crazies on the discussion boards say so) that Daniel's mother's name is Eloise. So..Ellie makes sense.

It was sort of weird that Ellie said to Daniel, "You just can't stay away." I mean, it wasn't weird at first, because I figured she knew him since we know that he's been on the island in the past. But then for the rest of the episode she didn't act again like she knew him. She didn't say anything personal to him when they were alone. Don't get it.

He's going to follow Desmond. No question.
I think his interest in the island is the energy it holds. Energy=$$$, and I think that's all Widmore cares about.
Was Penny born on the island??...Are she and Daniel siblings?


I wouldn't have known this, but again, those crazies on the discussion boards (what weirdos!) remembered that Boone's nanny's name was Theresa, and he had some sort of dream about her that he told Locke about where he said something like, "Theresa is falling up the stairs. Theresa if falling down the stairs." Make of that what you will. Could be the same Theresa. Probably is. Everyone's connected.


He and his sweet dead-people-hearing skills come in handy.


Cute that Desmond and Penny named their boy after our beloved Charlie. I miss that kid.

Hydrogen Bomb:
(I realize a bomb can't actually be considered a character...but I'm going to cover this anyway):
When Daniel first arrived on the island, he insisted on getting to that one station (can't remember what it was called) in order to disable something and save the island. Did we know what it was even? Maybe it was the Hydrogen bomb? Just an idea...


I'm excited to see how all this past/future stuff with Richard pans out...and how it's confirmed that he is the leader of the Others. Maybe the Others orchestrate all the "daddy issues" in order to prepare their future leaders. Like they did with Ben. I just thought of that just knows?...which reminds in the world did Locke's dad get on the island??


Not sure what rules don't apply to Desmond. Anyone know?

Ok...I'm done for now...

8 Month Progress Report

Our baby will be 8 months old on Friday. She's getting a little bit more hair. She's sitting up all by herself like a big girl. She's starting to mimic sounds we make, and she's very eager to play with the boys. crawling yet. I'm not concerned about her development, but I am eager for her contentment. She wants to be mobile. She's ready for the next stage.

My hubby, being the proactive parent that he is, decided to dedicate last weekend to some crawling lessons with the little lady.
He thought if he could introduce her to the crawling position, then maybe she would catch on. She mostly just liked being swung all over the place. :)

So, we're coming up with a new strategy. The new plan: Crawling is dumb. It's time to walk. Aren't these perfect walking shoes?

She's likes them too!

More to come...

A Sweet Snow

My husband and I have fond childhood memories of playing in the snow. We built forts, snowmen, went sledding, etc. Our boys don't get the opportunity very often. It's not because it doesn't snow where we's because the snow is almost always accompanied by 20+ mph winds.

But was different.

While we were at church, big snowflakes fell, and when we exited the building, there was 4-5 inches of nice, wet snow on the ground...and no wind!

So weird.

So, my hubby and our 2 boys went outside right away, and this is what they did:
I don't remember ever seeing such great snowball-rolling snow. What fun!

It took less than 10 minutes for them to whip up this big man in the back yard.
His name is Howard.

We girls watched from the cozy interior.

Yea! I'm so thankful for yesterday.

Much Anticipated are the answers to the much anticipated quiz from yesterday's post:

Scary Thing #1: A Lion (roar!) I love the mane, the curly cue at top of the head, the eyes that are so very far apart...and..well...the whole thing! :)

Scary Thing #2: A Dinosaur!! I actually guessed this. One reason is that my boy is going through a "dinosaur phase". But, I also recognized some claw-bearing feet at the bottom of the image and something resembling a head. I thought I remembered seeing a tail too...but now I don't see it. :)


First, since I haven't addressed this yet, I wanted to thank you all for your input regarding solutions to my scrapbooking dilemma. Per your suggestions, I checked out a few sites that will print photo books. They're all similarly priced, and I think I'm going to do that. There is actually a service that will link from Flickr, so I'm going to try to keep my photos organized by book in Flickr, and then when I'm ready to order I will.

For those of you who will be heartbroken if I give up traditional scrapbooking altogether, please know that that is not my intention. I'll scrapbook for special occasions still...for fun. :)

But...on to the topic of this post: Scary.

My boys like scary things...and they like drawing scary things.


Scary thing #1
Scary Thing #2

My oldest drew the first one. I helped with the first few teeth, but he drew the rest all by himself. And, the 2nd was drawn my little bruiser. Can you guess what they are?

I'll identify the two scary things in my post tomorrow! :)

Lost Theories

Ok, so I realize that most of my readership (is that word?) does not care about LOST. If someone finds this and is interested, then that's great...if not, I'm just "thinking out loud" to work through my ideas. :)

Idea #1:
The "client" who hired the lawyers to find out if Kate is Aaron's real mother is Aaron's biological father. I think it was in Season 1 that we learned Claire's story about getting pregnant. Her boyfriend wasn't excited, so he left. Well, he's gonna be able to do the math, that his baby should be Aaron's age. He knows Claire was on Flight 815..and he knows the Oceanic 6 got a super huge settlement. Kind of reminds me of Dannie Lynn (Anna Nicole Smith's baby).

Idea #2:
Daniel Farraday...he's becoming quite the complex character. And...I like him. :) There are a few things I think relating to him. First, he knows that you actually CAN change the past...but he doesn't trust anyone (especially Sawyer!) with that responsibility, so he's lying, saying the past cannot be changed. The reason I think this is that it seems that Daniel changed the past by meeting with Desmond. Really, Desmond "remembered" something in his dream that he had not known I think the past was changed in that case.
Also, I think that Daniel's hiding something under his shirt...maybe a Dharma tattoo or something. Sawyer, for some reason...not sure what it is, wanted Daniel to give him his shirt...and Daniel changed the subject. I think he's hiding something...well, we know he's hiding lots of stuff...but I think there's physically something under his shirt that he doesn't want anyone to see.
Why isn't he helping Charlotte with her bloody nose/impending doom? I don't think he can. He told Desmond he needed a constant...and Desmond chose Penny to be his constant, someone he could make contact with in both times. Farraday chose Desmond as a constant back at Oxford when Desmond first contacted him in his lab. But, Charlotte has a whole group of people she's travelling through time with...they should all be constants for her, I would think.
Hmm...I think Charlotte and Daniel are siblings. Charlotte indicated that she was born on the island, and we know now that Daniel has been on the island before also...and maybe he doesn't age...and Charlotte may not either.

Ok...that's all for now.
Thanks for letting me vent. :)...there will be more where this came from.

One more thing...remember when Ana Lucia told Hurley, "Don't get arrested." He didn't so much follow that advice...

Bye. TTFN.

~These are the brownies I made to celebrate the season premiere on Wednesday night! :)

A Dream I Can't Forget

Oh, my. This morning, my boy asked me if he could watch the movie, Babe. I forgot what emotions it draws up in me.

I want to live on Hoggett's Farm. I want to have a garden like Mrs. Hoggett. I want to have a few animals, some land, lots of trees, and a simple lifestyle. I want my kids to grow up there.

I'm serious.

I couldn't find a picture of Hoggett's farm, but I found some others that would do just fine. (There is a glimpse or two of the farm in the YouTube Link provided above)

What should I do with this desire??? Forget about it? Pursue it?

I guess I'll just wait and pray. :)

I have more to post including my Operation Playtime entries!

Operation Playtime Day 3-Cooking

I know I posted these pictures a little while ago...but I thought they'd work for today's Operation Playtime...which, I suppose is sort of like cheating...but I'm trying to catch up on 3 days-worth of operations! :) So....

Here, my boys are helping me make pizza dough.

Fun times had by all.

Check out Operation Playtime at:

Operation Playtime Day 2-Nursery Rhyme/Song

I recently stuck some glow-in-the-dark stars on the kids' ceiling in their room. It presented the opportunity to teach them "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". They have yet to master it, but it's so cute! :)

And, "Ring Around the Rosy" is a family favorite.

Check out Operation Playtime at:

Operation Playtime Day 1-Blocks

Blocks are a common play-object in our house. So, it was a little difficult to get the boys especially excited about playing with them.

I decided to provide a new setting, thinking that may help them see it as a new experience! So, I moved the table and chairs over in the dining room, and gave them the whole floor to sprawl out and play. I think they did like that part.

I got them all hyped up, sat them on the floor, told them to close their eyes, and then I dumped the blocks on the floor. When I told them to open their eyes, my oldest said, "I don't want to play with blocks." :) But...I talked him into it pretty easily.

They played together really nicely...for a little while. :) pictures of the fighting over the "big blocks".
And, of course, there was the most fun part: knocking down towers.
Then my oldest started to build this "gate".
...and my younger son was very proud of this "church" he constructed.
And, then....he got the broom out and knocked it down! :)

All in all, it was fun! :)

Check out Operation Playtime Here:

Operation Playtime

Those of you with little ones at on the picture above. It looks fun. It looks like I missed Day 1, but I'll try to make up for it tomorrow in addition to doing Day 2. I'd love to see what you and your kiddos come up with!

Things like this help me stay structured in the time I spend with my growing babies... :)

My 3 Kids

Going to bed early...thought I'd leave you with this. :) I love having 3 kids! :)


First, it is true, my silverware is not a matching set. I couldn't tell you where each piece came from originally...but I'd be lucky to find 3 pieces that match.

That's not the story. :)

I was making some yummy banana cake yesterday. Well, it's actually a banana bread recipe, but I don't have a bread pan (I'm sharing all my shameful kitchen secrets with you tonight.), so I use an 8x8 glass pan...and call it cake! Anyway, my boys, as always, wanted to help. They joined me just as I was about to stir in the 2 eggs.

I had Fork #1 in the bowl, ready to stir.
The boys like to have their very own forks when they help, so my oldest went over to the drawer, and got out Fork #2. He brought it to the counter where I was stationed, and he said, "Mama, you want this fork? It's really big!"

I said, "No, thanks...I already have this fork," as I touched the fork in the bowl (Fork #1). It was then that I realized what was going on. My boy likes the very biggest fork or the very biggest spoon (for cereal perhaps). And, when he realized I had the only clean "biggest" fork, he decided to manipulate it out of my possession, by trying to convince me that his fork (Fork #2) was SO big!

He prefers the biggest one, and he's learned that he can't take things away from people. :) I've seen him use this same manipulation tactic on his younger brother. There's a toy that he wants, so he finds a different one, and tries to convince the more naive lad that the second toy holds much more appeal. He usually succeeds, and peacefully obtains the toy of his choice.

He's sly.
And, with a face like this...I think it's going to get him pretty far in life. :)

No pesky words, just pictures (for Danielle!)