A day at the Farm

I took the kids down to a farm in Colorado a couple weeks ago. We had a blast! I'm hoping to plan a trip to the zoo soon! They would be beside themselves with excitement!

A Time to Reflect

I think I can, I think I can...

This picture is a good representation of the way the winter has been....windy. Can you see the snow blowing and the grass blowing?...
This poor guy was riding against the blowing snow..

Look what I saw today in our front yard......GREEN! :)
We've actually had a couple nice days in the last week. My baby got to crawl around outside for the first time in her WHOLE life! She loved it, of course!
She also got to hang out in the garage while the boys played out front. She loved that too! She gets so excited to be outside. She breathes really heavily and kicks her cute, little pudgy legs. A thrill!
My oldest was able to display how much he's grown over the winter months. At the end of last summer he was struggling to figure out the coordination it took to make this bike thing work out....and this weekend he was showing off how fast he could ride up and down the sidewalk. I'm proud. :)
Then, today, the boys went out in the back yard and played catch.
This is the American Dream, right?
How fun it is to have two boys who are best friends!

So...I'm seeing some light at the end of the cold, windy tunnel. I can make it. I can.

Nice Baby...Good Baby...

My boy likes to pat his sister on the head in a very gentle fashion. On this particular morning, he said, "Mama, take picture?"

So...I did. :)
She loves her brother.
They like being silly together.
My little bruiser of a boy is also the most gentle kid I've had the pleasure of knowing...
We girls like to be treated with the sweetness that my darling boy offers.

Date Night

Some friends from our church have offered to watch our kids tomorrow night so that we can go out on a date.....alone.

What am I supposed to do??

I mean...we accepted, of course. But, from there...I'm at a loss. I'm maybe even scared. I'm saying this and laughing...but I'm not sure I really think it's funny.

This is sort of like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...and I don't want to blow it.

I'm nervous about my date.

Help, please... :)

Don't you think the church girls will have fun with my cuties?? :)

This is really happening....

Smile! It's Friday!

I showed you one of my baby's obligatory smiles in my last post. Here's another one. :) She's been doing this lately. As soon as I get the camera out, she looks at me with this smile. This endearing, beautiful, sweet, totally fake smile. Well...maybe not totally fake. ...forced. That's a better word. Courtesy is the motivator for this smile.

I love it. :)

I'm sure you'll see more.

Also...I think she started crawling tonight. We'll see if she remembers how when she gets up in the morning. If so, I'll take a little video and share it with you tomorrow!

Happy Weekend!

Three Kids Play Together

The other day, I got out a box of toys that the kids haven't seen since we moved in. It kept them entertained all day. :)
My girl likes to smile for the camera....an obligatory smile. It's cute. :)
We're slowly moving into the stage where my baby is big enough to play with her brothers. I love it.
Her oldest brother is always trying to entertain her and make her smile. It usually works.
Then she grabs his lips and tries to pull them off...he recoils, and makes a face.

I like this picture of all three kids...even if my middle child is only represented by that blurry shoe. But, hey, he got a whole post dedicated to him last week...so it's ok. :)
This picture is just to demonstrate how close I think my little angel is to crawling. Any day now...right???

Good News and Good News

I have Good News and Good News.

Good News: As we have added to our brood, my nap-taking habit has been forced to begin the "having been kicked" process. The transition has been relatively smooth. :)

Good News: I still get to take a little nap sometimes.

Oh...one more, thing...today was a nap-taking day. It was a good nap. :)