Birth Story

A great friend of mine gave birth to her 4th baby this morning, and I'm anxious to hear her 'birth story'....which made me realize that, although I've intended to share my most recent birth story, I still have not followed through.

I like to share because, for one, I think some of my readers are genuinely interested. Also, the miracle of child birth is such a testament to God's power and goodness, that I like to shout it from the mountaintop in my own way.

Here we go:

As with my 3rd and 4th babies, I was induced with number 5. We went in 1 week prior to my due date.

Much of the experience was predictably the same as in the past. As I have before, I went in preferring to not to get an epidural. I've had epidural complications in the past, and I've always been curious about the widely testified ease of recovery when an epidural is not administered.

The low dose of Pitocin started working immediately, causing regular, frequent contractions. The doctor broke my water at 9am, and I expected things to become near unbearable and and to quickly progress and deliver. Surprisingly, the water-break had no such noticeable effect. By about noon, with increased Pitocin, I would categorize my labor as 'hard'.

I was starting to entertain the possibility of getting an epidural. At that time, the baby's heart rate started to drop significantly during contractions. The doctor and nurses repositioned me, laying me on my side, in order to hopefully take pressure off of the umbilical cord. As a result of this new position, I was unable to get an epidural despite the fact that by this point I was urgently requesting one.:)

Since I couldn't get an epidural, I started thinking/acting/talking crazy.:) I made my husband tell the doctor that I wanted her to knock me out and perform a c-section.

For about a 45 minute period, the doctor checked me a few times, and I was holding pretty steady at a 6... I thought I'd never deliver when....

"I think I need to push!"

I had never felt the urge to push with my first babies....I felt it this time. Sure enough, I went from a 6 to a 10 in less than 20 minutes!

I pushed through 2 contractions, and the doctor proclaimed,

"It's a boy!"

Our little Asher weighed 8 lbs., 2 oz., tying with his sister for smallest Hespe birth weight.

My conclusion:

No epidural did indeed result in an easier and faster recovery.:)
Part of me wanted to go without pain meds because of some weird pressure to have bragging rights....I did not feel that that purpose was accomplished.:) God kept me humble, and I am thankful.

Mostly, I thank God for the unmistakable miracle of Asher Joseph Hespe. He is so much more than I deserve and such a testament to the power, creativity, and providence of my Father in heaven!

Something New and Fun

We got new phones...I'm having fun taking pictures.