A Little Field Trip=A Wonderful Day

I'm pretty certain there are no actual pumpkin patches in the state that we live in...
But, we temporarily live very close to a state that CAN grow produce!...so we were able to get to a pumpkin patch that was only about an hour away from our house. And...it was a perfect, perfect day.

We got that pumpkin for $1.

The kids got to play on some hay bales.
My baby took this picture on accident. I had set the camera on the ground, and she started messing with it...and...voila! I think it's a great picture!
The boys. :)
The petting zoo section.
The baby goat that we all fell in love with. He/she was hopping and jumping and kicking all around. So cute!

Somebody fell asleep on the hay ride....

2 Responses to "A Little Field Trip=A Wonderful Day"

Doris (visit their site)

Looks like it was a fun outing. Assume it was in the Ft. Collins area? Building great memories and tradtions for your kiddos.

ProudMom (visit their site)

Doris, yes it was just outside of Fort Collins. There are a few farms down there that do pumpkin patches. I was so excited!