Homeschool Curriculum

I mentioned a couple months ago that I would post some information about our homeschool curriculum.

I have finally fulfilled this promise. :)

I provided a complete list (with photos) that can be accessed by clicking on the tab labeled "Our Homeschool Curriculum" at the top of the page.

Check it out if you'd like. :)

2 Responses to "Homeschool Curriculum"

Jodi (visit their site)

What a good idea to just post it here on your blog. I have people ask me occaisionally. How much easier it would be to initially send them to my blog. I may have to copy this idea :). Thanks.

ProudMom (visit their site)

Copy away, Jodi! :) Also...I forgot to respond before, but I can make the pictures bigger by just clicking on them in the "Edit Post" mode and a little menu pops up on the bottom with options for changing the size of the picture...let me know if this works for you...