Our new additionS!

We are semi-patiently awaiting our new addition.
But, while we wait....we've adopted a few "babies" into our family.

See bottom left of photo.

Meet Meriwether, Drake, Dricoll, and Periwinkle.
We got them from a friend, and they've been pretty entertaining.  We're told that the 2 females will start laying eggs at some point, and I'm excited to see how we like them.

The second night we had them home, we decided to try out their free-range-ness.  They tried to waddle their ways back to their previous owners' house.  Morgan had to "herd" them back.  Thankfully, ducks are easy to round up....who knew?

They were ready to be free range a few days later, and they haven't wandered once...they're pretty easy.

Meet Temptleton and Charlotte.

They are adorable in my opinion.  Last winter we acquired a couple of kitties...and that experience ended in a tragic fashion.  I've known that I wanted to try the cat thing again...and this has been our best opportunity.  

I think I'm a cat person.  They are just so dang cute.

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