Bird Mobile and Diaper Cake

My sister is having a baby soon!

We had a shower for her a couple weeks ago.

I made this for her and the baby:

I got the idea when I was asked to sew a bird together as a contribution to another friend's "bird mobile". The pattern for the birds is here. I hand-sewed the birds (with some last-minute help from my aunt, my sister, and her friends), and my husband helped me assemble the mobile. He's so handy.

I made this centerpiece too. It's a diaper cake. It's not edible. :) It matches the colors my sister has chosen for the nursery.

Just wanted to share with you...Please, steal these ideas and use them. I stole them it's ok!

3 Responses to "Bird Mobile and Diaper Cake"

Erika May (visit their site)

i love the mobile. it is awesome!

Anonymous (visit their site)

Im an art teacher (pre schoolers) and came across ur awesome mobile> It so fun! What a wondeful keepsake that can be carried through the years and grow with the child! ur sis is blessed to have u!
I viewed ur home movies too. They mad me regret not getting out the camera?cam corder> It the moment you dont relize just how precious they r :'-( U have a beautiful family and u seem to be a incredibly devoted mother and child of God!
Wendi M Zahran, Katy Tx

ProudMom (visit their site)

Wendi, Thanks so much for the comments! Thanks for reminding me to cherish every moment with my kids. I'm going to go catch some more videos of my kiddos today. :) God Bless!