My ferocious little lion: Mom, why is God everywhere?

His younger sibling, the mean dinosaur: Cuz God's a spirit, and he has no body as we do.

Up until recently, I wouldn't have been able to tell you what a catechism was except that the Catholic kids "do it" weekly. However, I have learned that other denominations use catechisms to teach church doctrine to their children. And, our church belongs to one such denomination.

There are different catechisms, and the one we use is based on the Westminster Confession of Faith. Basically, the catechism is a series of questions and answers that give kids (and adults) a means by which they may memorize and understand the truths of Scripture.

There is a children's version of the catechism which I prefer even for me, because it's simple...and I'm simple. :)

I bought a CD with songs written for the first 20 questions of the catechism.

Here are the words to one of the songs:

"What is God? God is a spirit, and He has no body as we do."

"Where is God? God is everywhere."
...and a lot more repeating.

*Note the striking resemblance between the lyrics of the song and the conversation between my two young boys (outlined at the beginning of this post).

Great music..super catchy...I love it. My baby (18 months old) is already requesting and singing along with the song "Who Made You?" every time we get in the car.

The kids love the music, and the doctrine of God seems to be staying in their minds and hearts in a deeper way than I had imagined.

I'm encouraged. :) You should try it...if you want and stuff. :)

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