White Christmas

We're visiting family for Christmas.

It's white. :)

We're stuck inside during a blizzard. It's fun. :)

These photos were taken BEFORE the blizzard....and after the icy fog storm... The heavy ice caused power outages, one of which was on Christmas Eve night. We read the Christmas story, sang Christmas carols, and opened gifts by candlelight. It was romantic. Anne of Green Gables romantic.

Having a wonderful Christmas. How about everyone else?

2 Responses to "White Christmas"

Heather (visit their site)

I am thankful you are here!!! Great pictures.

Erika May (visit their site)

also a white christmas in caper if you can believe that! no wind or anything for abou 2 whole days. it was very nice and beautiful. unfortunatley we had to come back to work...yuk!