My dear husband is graduating from college in 24 days.  I'm so proud of him.  He is an incredibly hard working, determined, positive-thinking, big-dreaming, man of integrity.  I love that God blessed me with him.

Since we decided 5 years ago to embark on this journey of higher education, we've added 3 babies to our family and changed residences 3 times.

Now, we're so excited to settle down with our beautiful family.  This involves moving to a town about 150 miles away.  The job is secure, but the housing is proving difficult.  

After viewing over a dozen homes, we made an offer on the only one that fit our criteria.  The offer did not lead to a contract, and we felt we'd exhausted our options.

So, I started getting a little more creative.  I started looking into the possibility of buying land and building.

Pictures don't show the majesty, but this is the view from a lot that I fell completely in love with.  Challenges: no well (yet), no electricity (yet), relatively high price

I spent a week trying to figure out how to make this land 
work for us.  I looked at modular homes, picked out a couple floor plans I liked, got prices for home, basement, well, electric, septic, driveway, etc...

I started thinking about all the things I'd like in a custom home.

Wood.  Hickory.  Cabinets, trim, doors. it.

This door is actually alder...but imagine it hickory, and that's what I have been dreaming about at night.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to make this idea work in real life (yet).  And, just around the time we realized it, we got a call saying that we could maybe get a contract signed on the house we originally made an offer on. :)

So...we are currently negotiating the contract on that's not going as smoothly as we had hoped.  But, if it pans out, I'll let you know.  It's a very nice house, and I'd be very excited to call it home...and I have plans to start installing some hickory. :)

We're can too if you want. :)

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