I was a teacher for 3 years before I had my first baby.  I taught middle school, and discipline/classroom management was a big issue.

An older cousin of mine who also taught middle school once gave me the best advice: "Put a big sign in the front of your room that reads 'No Arguing'".  If a student starts to argue with you, just point at the sign.  I followed her advice and found that it was very helpful in keeping myself sane. :)

Though my occupation has changed, I still employ the "No Arguing" policy with my "pupils". :)

My 3-yr-old has a hard time in this area.

Here's a typical conversation:

Me: Sweety, I need you to put your toys away.
Him: Because I don't want to.
Me: Just say, "Ok, Mom."
Him: Ok, Mom.

Me: Honey, I want you to go get your pajamas on.
Him: Because I want to be naked.
Me: Just say, "Ok, Mom."
Him: Ok, Mom. day last week, we had a conversation like this:

Me:  It's time to turn off the Wii.
Him: Ok, Mom.
Me: What???  I LOVE YOU!!!!  Come give me a hug!  What a sweet boy you are!!

"Ok, Mom." = Music to my ears


Gina (visit their site)

I've had that exact same conversation with my 4 year old (about a million times!)...maybe someday my efforts will be rewarded, too.