The Bug

 I'm starting to catch the blogging bug. :)  I hope this results in frequent posts....we'll see how it goes. :) update on what's been going on with us:

We started homeschooling!  We've been at it for about 4 weeks now.  We've put a lot of energy into our homeschool room, and I'm starting to love it.

My princess is getting so big!  Her sassiness is letting up a bit. :)  She's a joy to be around!  I have lot of cute stories...maybe they will be the subject of an upcoming post.

My 2nd boy turned 4 last week.  I kept asking him if he wouldn't mind staying 3 for a while longer.  He was not interested.  I'm making him think I'm overcome with sadness.  But, the truth is, I'm glad he's 4 and not 5.  4 is still a little boy...and I'm not ready for the bigness that comes with 5.

We've been trying to enjoy the outdoors a bit.  On a nice evening, we walked to a nearby pond for the sunset.  It was pleasant and memorable. :)  We hope to go back and go fishing sometime!... maybe before it snows. 

My baby's getting big.  He's really zooming around and getting where he wants to go in his walker.  It's nice having all hardwood floor, so he can have a little bit of independence.  He's happy. :)

He's also crawling.  He's 7 1/2 months old, and we didn't put him down on the floor until he was 6 months old.  As soon as we got our rug and laid him on it, he started rolling all over and trying to figure out the mechanics of crawling.  It didn't take long.  He's still my sweet, cuddly guy...just a little more of a big boy.

I do hope to post more about our homeschooling, our new home, our recent travels, and of course the kids and the funny, sweet things they do.

3 Responses to "The Bug"

Melissa Cary (visit their site)

Love the kiddie pics! They are getting SO big. It is a really sad thing:(.

Erika May (visit their site)

yay! i'm glad your back. i was missing your posts. maybe it will inspire me to blog some time too! Walter has the same walker but he can barely touch the floor; tip toes only. soon enough, i guess. and i agree, wood floors are great!

Gwen (visit their site)

Wow! They really are getting big and cuter by the day! Your classroom looks great! Can I quit my job and teach there?