My husband is great.
One thing I love about him is that he is a great dad.
Super Great.
In the words of my 4-yr-old, "Duper" Great!

Most pictures that I post are of the children...
But I was so excited to discover that some of the best shots in my most recent batch included my handsome husband loving his boys.

I feel loved when he loves our kids.
Why isn't that one of Gary Chapman's Love Languages?
It probably should be.

3 Responses to "Handsome"

Erika May (visit their site)

what a blessing to have a great husband. i often wonder (and am in awe of) how people do it alone and am thankful that i don't have to!

Courtney (visit their site)

yup...he's a looker ;-) great post, Liane...i love your thoughts on Love Languages!

Erika May (visit their site)

we got lucky with our kitchen aid b/c emily, dan's sister, went to the peace corps and left us hers. if i ever have to buy one i want it to be purple! anyway, i've used the same recipe everytime i've made bread and we have used it for sandwiches. i think it's really good for sandwiches but it is more french bready than sandwich bread. i bet there are good recipes for softer bread out there, just haven't tried them. yay for BSG! WAIT! make sure you watch the miniseries first...looks like the watch instantly on netflix starts you at epi. 3...the first two episodes are the miniseries (parts 1 and 2) and are disc only and very important. stupid that they are not on watch instantly.