A Sling, A Sickness, and A Snow

Baby #5, Sling # 1
Q: Why didn't I get one of these before?
A: I'm cheap.
FYI, this cute sling only cost $35....

Also, carrying a baby in a sling looks and feels a bit like I'm pregnant again.  I find this makes me chuckle. 

A Sick Kid:
There's something so sad and precious about a feverish little kid.

Praying my baby feels better soon and trying to cherish every cuddly moment.

We've got Snow.  It's been such a mild, pleasant Wyoming winter.  I even enjoy the snow we've had.  It's beautiful and not blowing (at the moment).

Has anyone noticed Blogger being weird while composing posts?  I'm finding it difficult to effectively use the enter key....

*Update: The moment referred to in this post has passed, and the snow is now blowing.... the animals won't even venture outside for a snack of scraps....thankful for my warm and cozy home....and my work -from-home occupation.

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