A Bear

The boys have recently begun assigning animals to each person in the family.

The first to "be" animals were...well, them of course. They are (in order of age) a lion and a dinosaur. (Roar!)

I'm a giraffe. Dad's a kangaroo. Their sister is a butterfly.

It doesn't stop there, though. They have also found it necessary to assign animal identifications with their extended family.

My brother is a tiger. One of my sisters is a white monkey. Her husband is a caterpillar. My other sister is a duck.

And, Grandpa is...a bear. :)

Here are the bear and the butterfly.

The animal assignments are seemingly random. But, the boys take them very seriously. They don't even like to be called by their real names most of the time. My oldest tells everyone (including strangers on the street), "My name is Lion!" Most people think he's saying, "My name is Ryan!"...so it goes over ok. :)

What animal are you? You should decide now, because when the boys see you next, they'll need to know.


Gina (visit their site)

Cute...with my girls we all became food items for awhile. Jasmine was 'Smarshmellow' and Eden was 'Lollipop'. They gave us names too but they were random & would change frequently. Eden still sometimes calls herself.."Eden Elizabeth Lollipop C**.