A Fun Day in Pictures

It was a beautiful day today. The boys and I played outside for a long time while my baby was napping. And, then we went back out this evening and grilled and played fireman and we even had a family game of Red Light, Green Light. :) I'm smiling as I type this and remember this wonderful day...

This kid's faces crack me up! :)

What in the world??
I wanted to somehow capture the bright blue sky...and I think this photo does a pretty good job.
Can a kid be ANY more photogenic??

I love her hoodie and her pink shoes. She loves being outside. She's going to have a blast this summer!

That's all. Just wanted to share our day with you.


Erika May (visit their site)

how fun! the laramie range looks awesome in the background. you're kids are adorable, as usual!