A Nice Weekend

Last weekend, our oldest, oldest...big, big boy...the big brother of them all...came to visit.

He plays football.

And he wrestles.

And he likes UFC.

And he likes Rock and Roll.


...he really and truly loves his little brothers and sister. He plays with them and fishes with them and talks about how he is going to protect them as they grow up.

As you can imagine, the little ones adore their huge brother just as much.

We had a good weekend.

Come back soon, Big, Huge, Enormous Brother.

2 Responses to "A Nice Weekend"

Doris (visit their site)

Neat picture, glad the visit went well.

Jamimania (visit their site)

aww, I love this post! The photo is precious... it's very obvious that the little boys especially adore their big brother. Looks like you all had some quality family time... YAY!!! :)