Why I "Need" a New Camera...I Think

I believe the proper term for the problem I'm experiencing is called "overexposure". It rears it's ugly head especially in the summer time, since I take a lot of pictures outside in the sun.

I love this picture, but my poor baby's skin has the radiance of the sun. :) I've tried a little bit to remedy the issue by messing with Photoshop...but it makes her look unnatural in a more...orange way. :)

Of course, it doesn't help that my kids are such toe heads. Just that much more opportunity for reflecting the afternoon sun.

Look at the tops of the blondies' heads.

The background is what seems too bright in this picture.

Background again.

Maybe I can fix this with my high-end point and shoot. Does anyone know how?...or how to fix it with Photoshop Elements?

I'm pretty sure that if I had a DSLR, it would be a little easier to control the amount of light I allow into the lens...and maybe reduce the glare. Is that true?

3 Responses to "Why I "Need" a New Camera...I Think"

Melanie (visit their site)

Hmmm - have you tried your camera on Manual mode? I'm certain it has one. The thing with the dslr is you can meter off a variety of points/focal distances or whatever to get the lighting a bit better....like in the fishing picture. your camera had clearly been reading off a distance further than the boys fishing....so you could adjust that easily. But you can totally still have blown out areas too.....

Emerson (visit their site)

I just love to see the all pictures... You camera has wonderful picture quality!!

Rae (visit their site)

You "need" a new camera. ;) I think I want, I mean "need" one too... :)