We visited Hubby's family a couple weekends ago, and I so enjoyed watching my boys enjoy their cousins. We went on a picnic/hike, and I couldn't resist catching my oldest with his arm around my adorable niece.
It was not intended, but so pleasing, that I also caught my other precious niece mid-skip. I love it. I think I'm going to post this, and then I'm going to open up my Photoshop and crop that little Skipper right out and see how cute she looks all by herself...with her bouncing ponytail.
A moment hugging or skipping. The effects a camera has on kids. :)

7.5 minutes later....
She is so darn cute. I cant' decide if I like it better, though, when I can compare her skipping with the other 3 kids' non-skipping... :)


Heather (visit their site)

Being the mother of the little skipper I love the photo and the kids all together is way to cute...was a fun weekend.