An Ongoing Investigation

Sooo.....let's see.....

This morning, my baby was a little fussy. So, I picked her up and walked over to the window, because she likes to put both her hands on the window and look and talk to the outside. To my surprise, I saw....well....a deceased....rodent lying on the grass in our back yard.

I've been thinking all day, "I want to blog about this!"...but I feel like maybe it's the kind of thing you don't tell anyone. Because,'s a rodent. Rodents are dirty...and yucky...and I'm afraid you all may think I'm dirty and yucky also if you know that a rodent seemingly croaked in my back yard.

After some wrestling with the idea of sharing...I decided I would...but I'm not going to include a as to respect the dead...and protect myself from previously-stated fear of yucky and gross feelings from my readers.'s the thing:

How did this animal come to be dead in my yard? Was it just his time?...on his way across to the field behind our fence...he drew his last breathe?

Let me share the evidence with you:

He/she has some dirt/mud on his paws...but not all of them. Just...maybe the left ones.
No sign of struggle.
Location of corpse only a couple feet from neighbor's fence.

And here's the weird thing.....last night at about 3am, I awoke to a THUD.

What do you think???

I'll continue investigating and update you on any important clues that come in...

2 Responses to "An Ongoing Investigation"

Anonymous (visit their site)

I feel like I need more information on the rodent.
Would you say it was a smallish rodent like a mouse? Or maybe a largish rodent like a....rat?
I don't think you are dirty and yukky at all. This is a good mystery!
Have you thought about a "hit" on said rodent? Does it look like an execution style cause of death?
What is with two feet being muddy?
Hmmmm. Very interesting indeed.

Erika May (visit their site)

hmmm. sounds fishy. my first thought is that your neighbors threw the dead rodent into your yard but who would do that? Second, the mouse was probably poisoned and honorably threw him or herself off you roof with a thud!

I'm almost done with everything (last paper due on Tuesday) and then I should come see you guys again or something along those lines!