What We Do in May

Does every family have a lot of birthdays in May? I'm a May baby, and I don't remember having to share my birthday with anyone when I was in school.

Half of our family was born in May. My birthday was earlier this month, and I'll blog about it at another time. But, for this post, I'd like to allow you to share in the celebration of our four-year-old's birthday.

For months, he's been saying "I be four on my firtday!".
Remember, he's a lion. :) He requested a lion cake. Other mom's would be more creative, I think...but....I think what I do works too. :)

And, we had ice cream of course!

And, we had a fun party! Big Brother was there (not the creepy, 1984 "Big Brother"...the real, literal, by blood Big Brother). And, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle came too!

It was great. I'll miss my 3-yr. old forever...but I love the 4-yr. old even more. :)


Erika May (visit their site)

wow, you have a 4 year old! happy birthday to him and you! a dan look-a-like. Are you sure it wasn't dan? he changes his look a lot as i'm sure you know. and he is always hovering around the vinyl record section at hastings. it could have been him...:)When are you leaving for Grace's baby shower? I won't be able to go but I have a gift for her that I thought I could send with you. I could mail it if need be.