Lord,Teach Me Patience

Oh, how I want a Canon EOS XSi digital camera. Anyone who's been following my blog for any period of time knows I'm addicted to upgrading my digital cameras. And...the time has come when I think I need a digital SLR. So...I've been researching and shopping for deals. I've even found some really great deals...and let them slip away. It's just a big step. So...until I feel confident about the purchase, I'm asking God to teach me patience, and I'm continuing to learn how to make the best of my Canon Powershot S3 IS.

It's photos like these that make me smile and realize I don't need a fancy camera to have cool pictures...

If you're interested, I like to take pictures in landscape mode. I tend to get more bokeh that way. The flower pictures were all taken in Super Macro mode....(maybe in Manual also?).

Don't you love Spring?!?!? :)

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