It's a Boy!

Psalm 127:3
Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.

Born on February 9th  at 3:35pm.

8 lbs., 10 oz., 19 1/2"


Mom and Baby are home and doing great!

No name officially yet...

10 Responses to "It's a Boy!"

Rae (visit their site)

What a healthy boy! Alicyn was 8.10 as well. That's chunky. So anxious to hear his lil' name....Didn't you have 9 months to narrow it down? Get with it! I mean, take your time, no pressure ;) Will check back soon! Congrats!

grace (visit their site)

Wow he looks different already but wow look at his little belly!! Love it!

Anonymous (visit their site)

He is beautiful! I'm glad you are both doing well and can't wait to meet him in person.

Jody Biggs

Anonymous (visit their site)

Dearest Lianne, What a dear little armful. What a blessing! I am so glad you and _____ Joseph are doing well. Was amazed you were home already. Give him a little squeeze for me. Grandma Marge

Rae (visit their site)

i checked back...take your time....;)

Anonymous (visit their site)

We are so happy for you. But seriously, we want to know his name. Hugs & kisses to all your family.
Love, Aunt Lynn

Jessica Faith (visit their site)

Yeah!!!!! this is awesome... :)
you need to name him... i mean seriously!! lol no pressure - i am surprised that the hospital let you out! did they do that with "pigtails" too?
I can't wait to hold him on Sunday!!! :)

Rae (visit their site)

and i'm here - again!

Anonymous (visit their site)

Wow he has more Hair than grandpa Dale GOOD JOB

Anastasia (visit their site)

got my comments? ya name him (mwendwa) for me---------meaning loved one. love u all n kip strong.