Reading Progress Again :)

Just before Little Prince was born, I decided to a take a break from formal home-preschool/reading training.

My oldest seemed distracted during our reading lessons, and I was getting more frustrated than I we just stopped.

A couple weeks later, he started gaining interest in recreational reading.  He started asking me to help him sound things out, etc.  It was encouraging.

He has always been interested in spelling.  He will get a piece of paper out, and ask me to give him spelling words essentially.  He also likes to make grocery lists for me, where he writes, "SOBRS" (strawberries) and "GREPS" (grapes) so that I remember to get him his favorite fruits at the store (if they're on sale. :) ).

Here is one of his spelling sheets:

"JoJo" (From Horton Hears a Who...My boy knew how to spell JoJo, because we keep the closed captioning on :) ), "Dad, "Mom", "Fox", "Box", "Hot", "Sun", "Bed", "God", "Red"

Since he loved spelling so much, I was thinking about how I can use this passion of his to help him with reading.  

With the paper he wrote above, I asked him to read it back to me.  It was fun for him!  He read the words quickly and easily, and he was very excited.

So...I think I've found a loophole of sorts. :)  Now, I just need to figure out a way that I can use this new information more often in our reading lessons.  

Here he is, reading a library book to his new baby brother. :)  Love it.

2 Responses to "Reading Progress Again :)"

grace (visit their site)

I am impressed. Good job nephew!!

Charity (visit their site)

That is awesome!!!
He'll love reading... but of course I'm a little biased right? LOL...