Three Kids Play Together

The other day, I got out a box of toys that the kids haven't seen since we moved in. It kept them entertained all day. :)
My girl likes to smile for the obligatory smile. It's cute. :)
We're slowly moving into the stage where my baby is big enough to play with her brothers. I love it.
Her oldest brother is always trying to entertain her and make her smile. It usually works.
Then she grabs his lips and tries to pull them off...he recoils, and makes a face.

I like this picture of all three kids...even if my middle child is only represented by that blurry shoe. But, hey, he got a whole post dedicated to him last it's ok. :)
This picture is just to demonstrate how close I think my little angel is to crawling. Any day now...right???


mjoseph (visit their site)

They are beautiful!