A day at the Farm

I took the kids down to a farm in Colorado a couple weeks ago. We had a blast! I'm hoping to plan a trip to the zoo soon! They would be beside themselves with excitement!

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Jamimania (visit their site)

How fun! Yer a good momma Lianne, I'm sure the kiddos appreciate that you take them places and do cool stuff. :) I have fond memories of doin' projects with the kids when they were little, picnics on the porch... no matter how simple, they loved it and they still talk about it. :) How are you guys? Ready for spring I bet - I know we are here. The wind won't quit howling and then we keep getting bouts of snow and cold. I just want spring to come and stay for a while - what usually happens in Kansas is we skip spring and go right into the heat of summer. ha ha. Gotta love it.

Rae (visit their site)

Hey Friend! Just dropping by. Love the pics. Such cuties! I hear on the winter... it's not much fun. SOOOOO nice to have a few warm days to remind me why I live here. Blessings! Rae