Smile! It's Friday!

I showed you one of my baby's obligatory smiles in my last post. Here's another one. :) She's been doing this lately. As soon as I get the camera out, she looks at me with this smile. This endearing, beautiful, sweet, totally fake smile. Well...maybe not totally fake. ...forced. That's a better word. Courtesy is the motivator for this smile.

I love it. :)

I'm sure you'll see more.

Also...I think she started crawling tonight. We'll see if she remembers how when she gets up in the morning. If so, I'll take a little video and share it with you tomorrow!

Happy Weekend!

2 Responses to "Smile! It's Friday!"

Gina (visit their site)

That is a priceless face right there! Love it! Your daughter is beautiful. Anxious to see how that crawling thing works out.

Jamimania (visit their site)

Look at Sadie's little teenager outfit!! Too cute. :) She's developing quite the personality, that's funny about her obligatory smiles, I'm glad she obliges her mama - it makes for some cute photos. Can't believe how big she's getting, goodness. Crawling already... Geesh!! Can't wait to see you all again.