Thank God for Grandmas

There are lots of reasons to love grandmas... but in this post, I'd like to show you that they're lovable because they buy really cute clothes for their grandbabies.

Since my kids' grandparents don't live nearby, I wanted to display some of the clothes they've been given in case they're grown out of by the next time we meet up.

This is a Christmas present from Grandma M.  I absolutely love it.  I love that the colors are girly, but they're not the traditional pinks and purples.  And, I love that the pants are white with cute embroidered daisies.  I love daisies.

I had to include this picture too, because her smile is so cute. :)...But, I couldn't only put this picture, because the daisies are not properly displayed. :)

This sweater is something my mom found for her only granddaughter.  It's so thick and warm and soft and adorable.  The size is 18 months, which my girl has mostly grown out of already, so I'm skipping the "tumble dry low" step of washing with the hopes that we can fit it on her for the rest of the chilly season.

Thanks to my two moms!

There are more that I will be photographing and posting soon...

2 Responses to "Thank God for Grandmas"

Jessica Faith (visit their site)

they are very cute... isn't that the coat that pigtails wears to church?

Anonymous (visit their site)

Thanks, I mean "you're welcome" Lianne, I do love that sweater on her, and I do love finding things for my only grand daughter, girls are just soooo fun to buy for. love ya, MOM