Let's Compare...

Baby #1

Baby #2

Baby #3

Baby #4

I think it's kind of fun to compare...

7 Responses to "Let's Compare..."

Jessica Faith (visit their site)

you look great!!! we're all eagerly waiting... see ya sunday!

fabricfamilyfun (visit their site)

you're so cute! how do you not change one iota on the rest of your body? Just you belly!

Doris (visit their site)

You really do carry your babies out in front. wow! Hope these last few weeks go well, and quickly.

Erika May (visit their site)

definitley a girl!

Anonymous (visit their site)

You are the cutest pregnant person ever. I looked like a whale at 8 months. I hate you. Except you are still my favorite neighbor even though we are about 12 states away now...:(
Good luck on the birth!
Love, Kelly

Anonymous (visit their site)

Ok. I so totally love your pregnant pictures! Thanks for putting them all up together. I can really get a good belly laugh this way.
Cole thinks baby #4 looks like baby #2...so we will see. Secretly (although I realize I am spilling the secret here) I am really hoping for a baby much like #3. ;) I think little Sadie needs a baby sister. But I am sure she will be a great big sister to whatever #4 is! Too exciting. I can't wait! Love you. Ann

Mrs. Edwards (visit their site)

I'm jealous! I'm just beginning my third trimester with baby #5 (pregnancy #4--we have twins) and I can't believe how big I am already. Big everywhere it seems, unlike your up-front basketball look!

It is good to "meet" you; thanks for commenting on my blog so that I could read yours! When is your baby due?

Amy (Veritas at Home)