Saturday Chores

I decided to clean the kids' room without their help this morning. :) Shortly after I was finished, my 4-yr. old entered the room, and started making the beds.

I never make their beds. Their bedding consists of a fitted sheet, a pillow with case, and a blanket thrown on the bed. We don't have any special or matching comforters, so I've never been big on making their beds. In fact, I've never even taught them how to make their beds.

It must be instinct. :)

He did such a good job! He made his bed (on the bottom), and then he climbed up on top and made his brother's bed.

Then he went in Mom and Dad's room and made their bed too. I wanted to take a picture, so he decided that he better also. :)

I'm a proud mama.


Jessica Faith (visit their site)

that is adorable!!