Funny Dreams

I had a funny dream a few nights ago.  I was checking into Labor and Delivery at a hospital in Boston...when I got there, the nurse told me that a cryptic note had been left, letting the staff know that I would be arriving and that I had progressed to such-and-such a degree.  The letter was signed...."Locke".

So....Baby and Lost are apparently consuming my subconscious.  :)

Every morning at breakfast, the kids and I discuss our dreams from the previous night.

Want to know what my baby dreamed about this week?

6 Responses to "Funny Dreams"

grace (visit their site)

You crack me up. Are you going to make a Lost cake this year?

Jessica Faith (visit their site)

she is adorable

Anonymous (visit their site)

Cute, sweet, neat, petite is our Sadie love. Gma Marge

Erika May (visit their site)

haven't heard from you in a few days...wonder if i know what that means?! hope you're feeling well!

Anonymous (visit their site)

I love it so much when they have their own little language that we can't understand! You can't understand her, right!??? MOM

Anonymous (visit their site)

Tell Sadie, I recently had a dream just like hers. Man she is cute!