The Class Clown

I have a series of photos I plan to share with you when I have more time. :) They mostly involve several failed attempts at capturing our family, each one looking marvelous, in one shot. But, for now...this will do. :) My husband, the goof ball. :) I love him.

I got Photoshop Elements for Christmas (Thanks, Mom!), and attempted to "Photoshop" my hubby's smiling face into this photo...I think I still need to do some tinkering with Photoshop.

3 Responses to "The Class Clown"

Melanie (visit their site)

Looks like you've mastered it to me! Personally I like the two headed version. :-)

mjoseph (visit their site)

That guy I have in a headlock is a handsome bloke!

Heather (visit their site)

Can you imagine living with a two headed Morgan...Yikes!!! I know I am just his sister in law but whew!!! He would probably argue with himself...that would be fun to watch him have a war of words with his other self. He HE HE!!! Love you guys.