March 20, 1987

I went rummaging through our crawl space a few weeks ago in search of some missing Christmas stockings. I did not find the stockings (yet!), but I did find some other pretty great things.

Some of my teachers in elementary school required us to keep a daily journal, and my mom, being the thoughtful, forward thinking woman that she is, saved them. I have a whole box of them down there. So, I picked one to read through. I found some pretty great entries, and I'll probably share them with you in time.

The entry I'm sharing today was intended to be inserted in my dad's Christmas present. Needless to say, I forgot. So, I hope he reads my blog...because, this one's for you, Dad!

I know it's hard to read, but if you click on the picture/journal entry, you can view it in a much larger, more legible version. :)


Jamimania (visit their site)

oh my goodness...that is so cute!! :) Thanks for sharing.