Tarzan Update

I have received one comment on the Tarzan post. I have received 3 phone calls from people telling me how hilarious they thought it was. :) That's fun, right?

It has, however, come to my attention that some of my readers did not get the full experience I intended in the post.

So...if you have a moment, read back through the post, and follow these directions:

1. Watch the Tarzan YouTube video (1 minute, 10 seconds), or actually just 1/2 of it (35 seconds).
2. Watch the video of my dear middle child in all his hilariousness.

The YouTube video is a bit of a necessary prerequisite to the the home movie.

:) Happy Weekend, Everyone! I have visions of blogs dancing in my head...I'm hoping they'll waltz out in the form of real, published posts sometime next week.

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