Hello, My Friends

I'm still here. I've enjoyed being able to update my blog so frequently lately...and now I've ruined my streak. I'm a little out of my element. I'm staying at my parents', taking care of the house and kids and dog while mom and dad are in Mexico for their anniversary. I'm a little busier than usual, keeping up with 2 teenagers and preparing for Christmas.
But...I'm thinking of you all...and will blog soon.
I hope you're enjoying this holiday season and staying warm!! :)

2 Responses to "Hello, My Friends"

Erikitaroja (visit their site)

Are you going to be in Casper until the new year? I will be there until Jan 2nd starting on the 23rd or 24th...maybe we can get together if that is the case for you and have a knitting party. Let me know! And HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Danielle (visit their site)

hey sister. just letting you know im reading your blog. and im all caught up now:)
i love you!