A Few of My Favorite Things:

Favorite Thing #1:
I love that this kid dresses himself. I have more funny pictures of such wardrobe selections, but this one is just so dang cute. The gloves, backpack, and hat...he's got a unique (and adorable) style.

Favorite Thing #2:
I took my middle child out for a mother-son outing last Saturday. We went to Walmart, and he held tightly to my hand the whole time. (He's usually running a-muck with his older brother) Then, we went to the Village Inn and got a bowl of ice cream. Every morning since then, when he wakes up, he comes into my bedroom, climbs into bed next to me, and cuddles until I feel like getting up. I LOVE IT. Truly...LOVE IT.

Favorite Thing #3:
Lately, I've been blessed enough to plan all 3 of my kids to take their naps simultaneously. And, since one of my other favorite things is naps, I try to sneak one in too! I lay the boys down, then I rock my baby girl to sleep, and then we find our way to my comfy bed. I tuck her sleeping head right into my left shoulder, and we curl up. She keeps her feet up on my bent legs, and we snooze for a bit. It's perfectly comfy...and, since she's a little heater, I wake up after about a half hour and have to excuse myself from the nap...so I can go do something productive for the end of nap time. I was thinking as I laid down for our daily nap the other day, "This is my favorite thing."...and then I was thinking of other things that are my favorite things....I'll share more later. :)

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Heather (visit their site)

I have to admit one of my favorite things is cuddling with my girls. Samantha is still are really good cuddler...she loves me to nap with her...it's a rare treat these days though.

Heather (visit their site)
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