A Doldrummy Day

This is how I'm afraid my children feel nowadays. Cooped up...bored...frustrated with their boring, homebody mother, and...bored again.

Don't get me wrong, they've been out to play in the snow when it's not windy out. I even sent them out a few days ago when it was under 20 degrees. They got cold pretty quickly, and came back in of their own free will.

But...when it was nice, we went to the park. The boys stayed outside for hours, playing in the dirt. We went swimming at Grandma's house. We went for walks around the block.

And now...they're stuck with their hermit mother.

I took them to Story Time at the library yesterday, and it was fun. :) I'm going to try to go to MOPS after Christmas.

For now, I'm just trying to keep the TV-watching to a minimum. I got out a huge tub of Legos yesterday. That occupied them for hours...and made a huge mess. :) It was fun.

I'm just venting...If you have any great ideas on how I can keep life in the house interesting...let me know. :)

Missing summer...

3 Responses to "A Doldrummy Day"

Gina (visit their site)

I relate! I don't have a brood of boys, but my girls love going outside and I pretty much don't go out in this cold unless I have to. Blocks are one of our favorite non-tv activities. I'll have to see if any of your other friends have any ideas to offer us. ;)

All About Ann (visit their site)

I think you need a puppy...like the one in the picture. :)
Indoor volleyball with a balloon is super fun at any age.
Baking cookies and letting the kiddos decorate is super fun and messy....but fun.
Playdates! Summer will come soon enough! Enjoy. Ann

Jamimania (visit their site)

How about some homemade playdough?I have a recipe for Koolaid playdough and it smells good and is FUN! Also you could make snowflakes, that's always a good time.

I know whatchya mean about feeling cooped up. I get Serious cabin fever about February/March. It's kind of a bummer... but finding indoor stuff to do like story hour and MOPS is an excellent idea. I loved going to Brandon's play group when he was a toddler. Let me tell you... play groups are just as important for Moms as they are for kids!! (maybe more - sanity can be a fragile thing... even though we love the little angels) :)

So let me know if you want the koolaid playdough recipe ok? Also I think Kendra said that she has an edible one that you make with peanut butter. :)