Fun with Photoshop Elements

Just wanted to share with you my most recent PhotoShop experiment. I'm getting better. :)
I'm also having fun.

This is the SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot. She's cute.

Here, I adjusted the lighting and enhanced the eyes, eye lashes, and lips.

How are you all??

2 Responses to "Fun with Photoshop Elements"

Jamimania (visit their site)

Hey! We're good. :) Your baby girl gets prettier every time I see a photo. *smile*

Marshall's family is comin' down tonite and staying the nite. You guys have big plans for New Years? Ciara has a party to go to and Brandon's having his cousin Robbie stay the nite. They're hangin' out playing Rock Band, etc. Should be fun.

So how was your Christmas? Did I miss a post? I need to back track. ha ha

Love and hugs to you all!

Justyn (visit their site)

So pretty!

Thanks for the birthday wish is was a nice day, other than Ali running to my room, "Mommy, mommy! My tummy hurts!" and you can guess the rest. What a nice way to wake up on a birthday! :)

We haven't done much with photoshop, but our Christmas pic was cookie crumb faces that Justyn proceeded to touch up. It was the only way I could get them to sit still and smile - the cookies.

Anywho! Happy New Year!