An Attempt to Get out of a Slump...

I'm in a blogging slump.


I'm going to try to pull out of it by adding to my series of LOST posts.

I'm loving this season. I'm getting answers...I'm seeing the characters I'm so attached to. I think it's pretty great.

So, I'm just going to go in order of my thoughts here:

The Lamp Post:
Eloise said the Dharma station under the church in L.A. was named the Lamp Post. She said that it was at that station that they were able to find the island. The first thing I thought of was Narnia. The Lamp Post in Narnia is a very important landmark in C.S. Lewis' fantasy series. It is at the Lamp Post where the children enter Narnia and return to the other world.

There is one other C.S. Lewis relation that I remember clearly earlier in the series. Charlotte's name is Charlotte Staples Lewis. C.S. is Clive Staples. I did a little Googling and found that there are others who are excited about the C.S. Lewis parallels. Here's a link to a blog with some interesting info.

I love C.S. Lewis. I'll blog about that some time.


I'm glad to know how Tunisia plays into the island. That's a mystery solved. I've been wondering since Charlotte was an anthropologist in Tunisia (and uncovered some polar bear skeletons with Dharma symbols somewhere in the vicinity) and Ben was doing some shady business in Tunisia at some point also. So...Tunisia is the exit from the island. Pretty cool.

This is a picture of Ben after he moved the island..."landed" in Tunisia.

He's pretty much evil incarnate, right? So...why is it there's still something a bit endearing about him? I can't put my finger on it.

Does he know Locke will come back to life? Why was it important to him that Locke's body go back to the island? How could he have exiled Widmore? When could that have happened so that Widmore would have time to get home and father Penny...or...maybe Penny was born on the island, eh? Did Ben kill Penny? Was it important that Locke's death not be suicide? Is that why Ben killed him? Or was it his mad jealousy? But...again...why haul the body back to the island?

That darn Ben.

Another thing I've been thinking about Ben: An irony, I think.
He was so condescending to Kate when he reminded her (as if she didn't remember) that Aaron was not her son. But...he's so bent on getting revenge for the murder of a girl he insists on referring to as his daughter when everyone knows that she is not even a little bit his daughter. So, he wanted to kill Widmore's daughter to get back at him for having his crazy army-guy innocent French woman's kidnapped daughter?? Seems hardly an eye for an eye.

I assume that Ben was coming and going to/from the island via the Tunisia exit (or at least leaving the island via Tunisia)...and since Widmore's got the camera there, he must have been aware of Ben's comings and goings...which makes me think that Widmore was Ben's link to the "outside world"...the one providing all the information, passports, etc.

I guess we don't know how they got back to the island before....I'd like to know how they got Juliet to the island.


Have I mentioned that I love this guy? He reminds me of an older version of my ruggedly handsome husband...and of a younger version of my late grandfather. And...I just like him. :)

I think he's Jacob. I think they end up back on the island in some distant past (50's indicated by Jin in the Dharma van)....and Locke's reincarnated self rules the roost as Jacob....or something. I'm wondering about Jacob's list though. I'm excited to find out about that.

Richard Alpert:

Widmore was amazed that Locke saw Widmore's 17-yr-old self only 4 days before seeing him in his 60's...while Locke looked the same.

That's the way we feel about Richard. Which makes me think that Richard is not "not aging" as we had been suspecting. He's just from another time...and travels through time freely...and whenever we see him, he looks the same.

Kate, Sayid, Hurley:
I'm anxious to know how they ended up deciding to go to the island...and what happened to Aaron.

I'm tired.

I'll try to post something again soon.

How are you all???

2 Responses to "An Attempt to Get out of a Slump..."

Erika May (visit their site)

okay, on the blogging: that's why I only blog once or twice a week or pressure that way.

on LOST: i don't think you're as much of a dork as I used to :)...not because i started watching lost but because i started watching...are you ready for this?...battlestar gallactica. no kidding. i don't think i've ever been into a tv show this much.

definitley worth a look. this coming from someone who endlessly made fun of dave and dan every time they mentioned star trek or anything sci-fi related. I probably won't start blogging about it just because i don't want anyone to give away any secrets to me. we've only finished the 1st season and there are 2 more to go to catch up to the regularly scheduled show on tv (which is ending on march 20th...can i watch 70 episodes in that time frame?) ... so i don't want to know anything. anyway, whose the dork now?

Erica (visit their site)

Yeah, I probably should have read this prior to sending you a note in FB but I find it interesting that you have a lot of the same questions I do. I did not catch on to Tunisa being the exit from the Island but Duh! I want to know about Jacob's list as well and more about the church in LA.