Oh My Goodness..

My "baby" boy has been saying the cutest things, and I've been meaning to document them before he starts sounding more "mature". :)

The notable quote in this one is "Oh, my goodness...huge!". He says "Oh, my goodness.." a lot. It's so cute! He also says "Ya.." like he's German or something. Oh, wait...much of him IS German. I guess the "Ya" might be in German genes. (Is is Dja...or Ja...any help?...Grace?)

In other news, I made a second Apron for the boy above. He put it on, said he didn't like it, and took it off. My feelings were not hurt. :) I think he'll like it later. If not...I still like it. :)


Jamimania (visit their site)

That's sweet. :) I love the cute things kids say, so innocent. It's "ja" pronounced ya. I guess that semester of German came in handy. ha ha. Plus having a German girl live here for a year may have helped. ;)

The aprons are cute. Kids are fickle like that... but I bet you're right, he'll like it later, especially when big brother is wearing his and is in the kitchen helping Mom. :)