Book Recommendations for Little Kids

I usually blog at night. But, I'm currently a little behind on my math homework,and since it's a bit easier to blog with the kids at my heels than it is to do abstract algebra, I'm going to try to reserve the evening hours for homework. This means a mid-day blog post. I'm really venturing outside of my comfort zone! :)

I was participating in Operation Playtime a couple weeks ago, but of course I did not finish all 12 days. But...I'm going to....a little late, that's all. :)'s Day 4: Book Marathon.

I try to have some book-reading time each day with my boys. We go to the library each week, and we bring home a new load of books to explore during that week.

These are the books we brought home this week:

I always pick out one Dr. Seuss book each week, and I try to get one ABC book as I'm trying to teach the boys their ABC's and letter sounds. The rest are chosen randomly. :)

Here are a few I've come across that I love to read over and over! See if you can find them at your local library. I think you'll enjoy them too!

This is an ABC book full of hilarious puns and great illustrations! Great entertainment for kids and adults!
We own this one. It's written from a kid's perspective. The boy is always saying how wonderful his mother is while the illustrations show a mom we can all relate to: disorganized, messy, tired, etc. It's encouraging. :)

This is one that we got this week. Another great ABC book with more "plays on words". It makes me smile. :)

A note: The ABC books are great, because, now that the boys know their ABC's better, they can read these books to me! That makes them pretty proud.

This may be my all time favorite. The book is about a child who asks his/her mother, "Mama, would you still love me even if I was....". And, of course, the mother says over and over, that no matter what the child is or does, the mother will ALWAYS love him. It's a great unconditional love story.
My favorite Dr. Seuss for sure. It's so catchy! Every time we see a train, the boys and I quote (to the best of our ability) the part that says, "A train! A train! A train! A train! Would you, could you on a train??" It's so fun!

I'll list more books later. Check out Operation Playtime if you get a chance.

2 Responses to "Book Recommendations for Little Kids"

Melitsa (visit their site)

I like the look of "My mom is great" Might have to steer them in that Do you find it hard to keep track of your library books?

ProudMom (visit their site)

I occasionally forget a book at home, but my library is very forgiving and has never charged fines. :) I find it harder to keep my little ones from destroying the books in some way or another (ripping out pages, etc.). Thanks for looking! Let me know if you find My Mom is Great! I love it!