Hoo Hoo

Sorry I haven't posted lately...I've mostly been...lazy. :) A little under the weather, preoccupied with abstract algebra, and...those are my only excuses.

Anyway...in order to get back into the swing of things, I want to share some photos I took at my parents' house last weekend.

You may remember the owl who was unknowingly my subject earlier this winter. I think this may be a younger relative of that avian beauty.

He winked at me. :)

Below the owl, on the ground, are pellets. Do you all remember ever dissecting owl pellets in school? I find them fascinating. Dissecting was my favorite part of science...and my favorite part of teaching science.

Lost is tonight...for those of you who care. :)

3 Responses to "Hoo Hoo"

Jamimania (visit their site)

What a magnificent creature! I'm impressed with your photos and I LOVE dissecting owl pellets. Some people might think it's gross, but I think it is way neato to identify the little bones and beaks, etc. I actually had a teacher friend order me some one time and the kids and I did it for "fun". :) Thanks for sharing!!

Erikitaroja (visit their site)

That owl is awesome! Apparently there are 2 or 3 great horned owls that live in some of the huge trees near old main (on the UW campus) I've never seen them but I can always hear them.

Kathy (visit their site)

Mr Owl Jr is winking at everyone...way to go!!! Very cool!!!