So, tonight's episode was pretty great, I think. :)

Let's review:

First...I took note of Ben's van. It reads "Canton-Rainier" Carpet Cleaning. It just so happens that "Canton-Rainier" is an anagram of "reincarnation". I can never find these things out on my own. But, I knew that if I Googled it, I'd find that it was an anagram.

So...what next?

Daniel & Charlotte:
I am excited to get some insight into Charlotte's background. Her mention of Daniel being the creepy guy from the island who told her not to come back, because she'd die...I think that it might be one of those weird unexplainable time things. Daniel seemed confused when Charlotte "accused" him of being the scary man. Maybe that's because it's future (on the island...on the show) that Daniel meets little girl Charlotte (in the past...during a flash), and since he knows she will die, he warns her not to come back.

It gets so confusing talking about time travel... :)

So...I just looked up some more on Daniel and Charlotte, and it may be possible that Daniel is Charlotte's father. This would explain his affection for her... Also, he has shown on several occasions that he has trouble with his memory...so he may not remember exactly what his relationship to Charlotte is....just something to think about.

Christian Shepherd:
He's said before that he is not Jacob, right? He seems to be in charge a bit though...eh?

Danielle Rousseau:

I don't think she relayed to the Losties that she actually killed her husband. She said (and mentioned in this episode) that they were infected. We assumed after the episode 2 weeks ago that they had radiation poisoning, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe they were just "infected" by the others in the same way that, say...Cindy, the flight attendant was...or even Locke. They had a change of mind/heart. BUT...why the heck was he going to shoot Danielle?...Well...the Others do things like that. They just seem to oppose some people (especially pregnant people) to the death.


He must have known that when Jacob said John had to move the island, that meant JOHN had to move the island. What the heck was he thinking? He has a motivation for everything. What was his motivation?

Wasn't it cute how excited he was to see Jin? He just doesn't show emotion, you know...so it was nice. :)

That's all I have for now...I'm sure I'll think of more while I'm trying to get to sleep in a half hour...so I'll touch on those future thoughts later, I guess. :)

My latest idea is that all the Losties crashed on the island so as to get a second chance at death...you know, die right. Some of them found their "good" ways to die already...but others have not. Just an idea.


Erica Fitterer (visit their site)

I am so excited you were able to find these fun and informative tid bits about LOST! Love it! I think the theory about Shepard being Jacob is a good one. Makes sense why he is always showing up at crucial times, like when John needed to turn the wheel in the well. Daniel being Charolette's mom is strange but I will ponder it some more! The pics are great too! Erica