Dangers of Farm Life

The photo above is not of our "farm".  It is a photo I took last week while on a lovely hike with my children at the Audubon Society.  I don't have a picture of what I'm going to write about today...but I like to include an image with every one of my posts.
Last night, the chickens got a chicken run built close to their coop.  So, today started out with much motivation on my part to get the back yard de-chicken-poop-ified.  We sprayed down the deck and the window well coverings.  And, I decided to mow some of the grass that has been hard to reach all season.
Long story short:  I didn't really do the necessary prep work before mowing...and I had a bit of an accident.
I'm pretty sure I broke my finger.
The details are embarassing not very important.
Just wanted to have  a farming followup post.  I may have painted farm life as ultra-romantic.  Know that there are real dangers involved...at least if you're me. :)
Update: The Farmer doesn't think the finger is broken....just traumatized. :)

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