Finally a Farmer's Wife

When I was 13, and my family moved from the big city out to Wyoming, my parents bought a place with a couple of acres.  Shortly after moving in, my dad purchased an old horse, saying, "I didn't move to Wyoming NOT to have a horse!"
Now, nearly 20 years later, I find myself in similar shoes.
My husband and I just celebrated 1 year in our new home, which happens to be on a bit of acreage in the country.  And, only about 9 months in, we decided to adopt 8 little chicks.
They aren't so little anymore, but they deserve a proper blog introduction.

Larry (the rooster)
Most of the chicks we bought were guaranteed to be hens.  A few of them, we were told, MAY be roosters.  We were advised to just "wait and see".  We weren't sure what we were waiting to see...but in the last few weeks, at about 6:30 each morning, we've HEARD a little something that gives us a clue. :)  It started as faint and almost unrecognizable, but in the last few days, a very clear "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" has greeted me in my half-awake state.  Meet Larry.  He's the fluffy white one in the back.  He's been one of my favorites from the start.  He's docile (so far), and he has feathery feet, which is...adorable.

A Dixie Chick (1 of 3)
We got 3 of these pretty white ones, because they were advertised as good "layers", and we're very excited for the laying to begin!  They don't have names individually, but collectively, they are "The Dixie Chicks".

"The Sebright" (Marge)
We got one of these, a Silver Sebright.  We named her Marge, but we usually call her "The Sebright".  She just looked cool, so we decided to get her for aesthetic purposes, I guess. :)
Larry has a "partner", not pictured, named Dixie.  She's a bantam also (feathery feet), but she has black feathers.  There are also 2 Barred Rocks.  One is pictured in the background of the Dixie Chick photo.  They are Dale and Mary Ann, are robust, and are also supposed to be good egg-producers.

The Chicken Abode
This is the chicken coop mansion.  You see, when we decided to embark on the chicken adventure, we knew we weren't exactly prepared.  So, it was in the plan to build a chicken coop/garden shed.  Those darn chickens grew very fast, and the chicken coop construction has had a hard time keeping up.

The Farmer
My husband, the Farmer/Engineer/Carpenter/Roofer/etc., is building a luxurious home for our beloved chickens!  I'm very proud of him and the awesome shed.  In fact, as I type, the chickens are being introduced to their new home, and will spend their first night there tonight!  What an occasion!
Maybe we'll have an open house! :)
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